I just got this one back, so here it is, scanned and ready.  For whatever reason, coloring small comics in Photoshop makes them lose some of their quality, as opposed to large pictures, which come out fine.  So I’m hand coloring them.  Expect a Roommates website sometime this week, probably.  It won’t be overly fancy, because I’m just not that good with html, but it will suffice.  Feel free to drop me a comment. 



Here’s the comic.  On another note, the comic book is coming along really fast.  I had no idea I’d be flying through the pages like this with such great results.  Right now I’d say I’m further than I was at the end of July last summer, which is about 11 pages.   

It seems they screwed up today and published a comic that was already published, which was actually the first three-panel Roommates I ever did. 

I don’t know why the right comic wasn’t published today, it was probably just an error.  This one’s not that funny, it’ll do.  It’s amazing how much difference a few months makes when it comes to artwork.   

Prepare yourself:

This is the official announcement of the upcoming comic book, which will be my most ambitious comic project yet.  I always look forward to summers because they allow me to work on large-scale projects that I just don’t have time for during the school year.  I’ve learned a great amount over the last year, and I think, even though this is only my second comic book project, my progress will definitely be reflected in the work.