I made the first proof for the book today.  The lady at Kinko’s showed me how I could get it professionally binded for hundreds of dollars so I asked, “Couldn’t I just use the copier?” The brilliant response, “Oh yeah…..yeah, I didn’t even think of that.”  Swift.


Yeah, it’s all about getting back into the swing of things.  It always seems like it will be nice and easy at first, but then you get bombarded with stress and you have to juggle so many responsibilities. 

So I’ve been up in the Berkshires this weekend and man, was it nice.  As much I’m used to being in a semi-urban setting, I like the idea of being in a tranquil setting.  When I boil the two locations down to their core, they really have the same things to offer, except the city is filled with so much excess clutter.  I’ve grown to think it’s unnecessary. 

Today, for example, we passed a little farm stand that had a few crops that were labeled with various prices, just like you would see in a supermarket.  Except there was no one watching the stand.  Instead, there was a red box with a slot in which you could place your money, and the sign said, “we thank you for your honesty”.  If that stand were in New York, some dumb prick would have stolen that box in point three seconds.