Well, that’s the end.  This centerpiece ties into the full-length comic book, which embellishes this whole ongoing storyline.  Expect that in the next few months, as well as a 2007 wall calendar.  And I’m searching for a new venue to publish my work, so hopefully, at some point, we’ll see a revival of the series.   

Thanks for all the support and comments on this site, for those who have continually visited.  Best of luck with all of your future endeavors. 


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  1. Umm, maybe I should elaborate, since this is your last one. I do like when comics or shows end that they sort of acknowledge it by having the premise “end” as well, in this case, the roommates are no longer roommates. Yet, the story isn’t technically over, as we can still track down Brad and see what he’s doing with himself (nothing). Plus I’ve got a 2007 calendar planned as well. And it ain’t guana end up like last year’s.

  2. so, im reading this again and im thinking how well this coincides with your life, like, you’re both characters, the arrogant (sometimes, moreso very self confident) brad side of mike, versus the sensible, responsible mike.
    although, i doubt you’d ever commit sexual harrassment, since you’d hafta have access to boobs first.
    sorry, that was mean.

  3. And if you DO want to end the series, you can always just retool the ending.[Gerald] NO. FREAKING. WAY.[Brad] What is it?[Gerald] It’s your test results. Turns out… you have AIDS.[music sting… in a comic strip]

  4. i love the comic, but most of the shit I liked in it was just my identification with some of the stuff that was going on. i like your style and the characters, too. something about them automatically makes me use the voices of Dante and Randal from Clerks when I’m playing the comic out in my head.

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