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  1. OK, let’s see. I re-read the first comic (technically your #2) after I read this one, and, surprise surprise, I see a vast improvement. The backgrounds have become more detailed, there’s good black-and-white contrast, the characters are more animated (therefore funnier)… and so forth. It all looks a lot fresher, as it should. You don’t want to make something worse than what you did previously.
    The story is also above your previous one, where here it’s still Brad’s crazy adventures, but it seemed more characters got play. I like how Marco is becoming a prominent character (he cra-zay!) Umm… actually, you know what, I’m going to read the comic again and just comment where I see fit.

    What kind of talk show does the host pay off a guest? … Yeah, that’s what I was saying, like the different shots in the SUV are just really well layed out. I especially love the last one, where it’s like Brad is shoving Gerald into the background. … More great Brad disrupting traffic. He seems to do that a lot. … That ‘Pet’ ‘Petticoat’ thing doesn’t even make any sense, but that’s why I love it. Besides, it’s Brad saying it. … Oh yeah, the “Uncensored” gimmick. I think it’s fine, especially with Brad’s disgruntled father. … I love the pet crate scene and “MY HANDS ARE PURPLE WITH NUMBNESS!” … Brad’s elevated car seat is pretty good too. Reminds me of this Mr. Bean short where he stuffed too many things in his car, so he had to drive from the couch on his roof using two brooms for the pedals. It was pretty sweet. … Nice callback in Brad smashing through the CEO’s window. And good evil laugh too. … Um… good stuff with Brad’s dad’s guy hanging on the table, and him completely not getting Marco’s coverup about character. … “I’ve… drived him places!” I love lines where you can just hear them in your head. … “Goddammit.” Same thing with Gerald. Just cold and flatly said. … Good work drawing the kiss. You have a problem figuring out how to draw characters kissing? ‘Cause I’ve got nothing on that. Then again, my characters have no relationship interests between them, so I think I’m in the clear. … Oh right, I forgot to give you props on the SNES. … Excellent cut to the newspaper, and Gerald’s “I was standing right here…” … Bleh, I’m done. Time for final thoughts.
    I love how this thing flows, where it alternates from complete jokeiness, but then there’s gotta be an emotional base too to give Brad some incentive to keep going. I don’t really think the ending is a cop-out, because Brad, at least for now, has learned his lesson and is driving off into the sunset. It’s up to the viewer what he does next. Or you. #4 next year? Also, I was kinda bummed that there wasn’t a lot of Deena or Colleen, but they played their respective roles, adding more conflict to Brad’s life. This whole thing really is about Brad, and I guess we know what he knows. Some parts were a little rushed, but nothing too great. Hell, my epic’s thirty pages longer and has some rushed scenes. You gotta draw the line somewhere.
    OK, I’m rambling, and I have to go to work. Excellent, excellent, incredibly excellent jorb. I want more. NOW. Or whenever you get around to it.

  2. Comments from my dear friend Nick:CoCoaPufFs50: wow dudeCoCoaPufFs50: this parsons guyCoCoaPufFs50: is professionalCoCoaPufFs50: has he considered publishing this comic?DamnCartoonGuy: Not to my knowledge.CoCoaPufFs50: he should, he draws brilliantlyCoCoaPufFs50: although im not really sure where the stories goingDamnCartoonGuy: Read and you shall know his greatness.CoCoaPufFs50: is he modeling these characters based off his friends?DamnCartoonGuy: No, he actually took the time to create original characters.CoCoaPufFs50: mmmDamnCartoonGuy: Ridiculous.DamnCartoonGuy: I just slap the first person I see on paper.CoCoaPufFs50: no no no, you gave them soulDamnCartoonGuy: [Mike] Damn. I need a new comic idea. What am I gonna do?[Scar] I WILL CRUSH YOU FOOL.[Mike] Brilliant!CoCoaPufFs50: see.CoCoaPufFs50: without you scar woudlnt have anyone to crushCoCoaPufFs50: and your comic wouldnt exisitCoCoaPufFs50: be proudCoCoaPufFs50: i wish he said he’d crush meDamnCartoonGuy: ROFLCoCoaPufFs50: i like how CoCoaPufFs50: his jokesCoCoaPufFs50: arent only with what brad and co sayCoCoaPufFs50: but like in the scene where he has to return to his parents house CoCoaPufFs50: he goes up to the door, and in the next panel you see /girl holding him running away. It kinda makes it more fliudCoCoaPufFs50: more alive evenDamnCartoonGuy: Ah, lovely.CoCoaPufFs50: hes going beyond still framing here, and encorpating jokes that would normally be done with the aid of animation, while still working..if you get my drift here.DamnCartoonGuy: Yes. He certained grabbed unanimated animation by the ho-joes.CoCoaPufFs50: rofl “oh super nintendo, how ive missed your beckoning call and sweet, sweet iridesecent glow”CoCoaPufFs50: heheh..CoCoaPufFs50: thats what id be like coming back later in life to my old systemsCoCoaPufFs50: looking at your stuff, its obvious that you’ve been influenced by mr.groeningCoCoaPufFs50: im curious if mr.parsons had any such influences?DamnCartoonGuy: I will present such a question to him, and your curiousity will be appeased.CoCoaPufFs50: ohCoCoaPufFs50: okayCoCoaPufFs50: thats coolDamnCartoonGuy: Any other comments or thoughts?CoCoaPufFs50: ehCoCoaPufFs50: wellCoCoaPufFs50: one thingCoCoaPufFs50: i dont mean to criticizeCoCoaPufFs50: but since im a douche..i will nit pik.CoCoaPufFs50: i thinkCoCoaPufFs50: the body hair on the 40 year old new roomate looked sort of bland…and…meh.CoCoaPufFs50: but thats just me being an assholeCoCoaPufFs50: overall CoCoaPufFs50: i think hes fucking brilliantDamnCartoonGuy: I’m sure he’ll love that.

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