Take hold of your pants for the huge announcement of the New Year- the 2007 Calendar has finally arrived!  The copies have been all been made and are ready for distribution. 

I’ve ensured that the quality of the reproductions is of a higher standard than last years’, and that more attention was given to the project as a whole.  With that, however, came an enormous printing cost, so I can’t be as generous with hand-outs this time around, with a few exceptions.  As I’ve said numerous times before, I have no desire to make profit on my work, but I’d want to cover some of what was spent.  So if you think you’d like a copy, be sure to let me know. 


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  1. I’m so excited I wish I could wet my pants!Oh, oh, ohhh!! The reason it’s been five thousand days since I told you the calendar was coming is because I seem to have lost your address. I still don’t know how or why I threw your old envelope away, but here we are. So, send it to me (damncartoonguy@gmail.com) and will slap an address on the package and ship it out. My calendars took a pretty penny to mass-produce too, so maybe our exchange negates our need to pay each other(?)

  2. can i at least get my hands on one of these? i’ve so far been able to buy …well… 0 of your products. i’m home next starting on February 24th, so reserve me a minute to purchase, if you could.

  3. I gots the calendar today as well. I like how it was all over the map, hanging with the sarge one page and back to the Flipside on another. (great callback) I also like how you’re experimenting with different body positions (like the people slipping on the floor and the Sarge bending over). Everything is done exceptionally detailed (especially the December one. Holy HOLY shit. How much time that that take?! Also, love the little Scar, Vicky and Devitiain dolls in the back. I’d totally buy them), making me wish I had taken more time to do mine rather than hurry to finish up the morning I had to copy them. My favorite bits are the Brad effigies, the return of Gerald’s repulsive roommate, and Brad pulling a David Blaine. Oh, and you used my idea with showing Marco’s movie! I love it, with the Sam Jackson-esque guy. “Aaaah! Lobstahs!!” Genius.

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